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  • ReliableMore than 70 years of experience.
  • QualityQuality Products for the best price.
  • ExpertiseStrategic partner with specialised knowledge.
  • WorldwideGlobal organisation with language and cultural knowledge.


A globally renowned player for over 70 years

JP Beemsterboer food traders started in 1943 as a trading organization specializing in the import and export of crude agricultural products such as potatoes, onions, cabbage and carrots. Over the years JPB expanded the product range considerably with Chinese Garlic, fruit, frozen vegetables, eggs, french fries, cooking oils, rice, mustard, mayonaise, vinegar, dairy products, chicken, meat and a diverse range of preserved goods.

JPB exports these products to more than 80 countries. West Africa, Latin America and Asia are the most important markets. JPB has a global network of suppliers and customers.

JPB’s core values are:

Reliable            JPB has been a dependable partner for her partners for over 70 years. Relationships are cherished and respected. Agreements are upheld.

Quality             JPB is the trading organization that differentiates itself globally in food products through the constant delivery of the best price and quality.

Expertise        JPB is a strategic partner who is specialised in products and logistics.

Worldwide     JPB operates over the whole world. We speak the languages and understand the culture. We are always searching for the best price and quality. Logistically everything is possible. The organization is flexible and continues to push its boundaries.

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Corona virus

Dear relation,

We at JPB hope you are doing well. The last few weeks have proven bizarre, and unfortunately it is becoming apparent that the Corona situation will be affecting us all.

As always, our first priorities are the health of our employees, customers, suppliers and surroundings. It is essential that we all stay safe, follow guidelines, and try to make the best of this situation.

It is important to understand that although events are happening in rapid succession, we are dealing with them to the best of our abilities.

Our dedicated team is there for you for all current and future business.
For now, let’s take care of each other and ourselves.

With warm regards from Team JPB.
​Signed, Jan Beemsterboer

Plans for the upcoming year

We’re going to start the new decade fresh. JPB has big plans for the years to come. What they are? As from now, we’ll keep you updated through our newsletters. Want to stay tuned? Please sign in and receive our updates in your mailbox:

A taste of things to come
In the upcoming year we will be travelling to meet with our customers all over the world. But we will be showcasing some new surprises. Three surprises, to be exact. We’ll be presenting our three tried and tested flagship brands. But then with a more than welcome fresh facelift. To be continued…

Do you want to know more about our products and services? Please feel free and contact us. You can read all about JPB on our website, but we've rather tell you in person! / +31 (0) 226 396464

Kalí órexi!

The culinary experts all agree. Our Crimsun onion is superior to all others. The higher shelf life and firmness are reasons in themselves, but especially the unique taste puts it in a league of its own. Thanks to this, our Crimsun onion is a hot item in Greece. You can’t even imagine a greek salad without it anymore! The first onions have arrived in Thessaloniki. Kalí órexi!

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  • JPB
  • Crimsun
  • Starfarm
  • Milland
  • Milpo
  • Tastu
  • Pomio
  • Pemmic
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