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  • ReliableMore than 70 years of experience.
  • QualityQuality Products for the best price.
  • ExpertiseStrategic partner with specialised knowledge.
  • WorldwideGlobal organisation with language and cultural knowledge.


A globally renowned player for over 70 years

JP Beemsterboer food traders started in 1943 as a trading organization specializing in the import and export of crude agricultural products such as potatoes, onions, cabbage and carrots. Over the years JPB expanded the product range considerably with Chinese Garlic, fruit, frozen vegetables, eggs, french fries, cooking oils, rice, mustard, mayonaise, vinegar, dairy products, chicken, meat and a diverse range of preserved goods.

JPB exports these products to more than 80 countries. West Africa, Latin America and Asia are the most important markets. JPB has a global network of suppliers and customers.

JPB’s core values are:

Reliable            JPB has been a dependable partner for her partners for over 70 years. Relationships are cherished and respected. Agreements are upheld.

Quality             JPB is the trading organization that differentiates itself globally in food products through the constant delivery of the best price and quality.

Expertise        JPB is a strategic partner who is specialised in products and logistics.

Worldwide     JPB operates over the whole world. We speak the languages and understand the culture. We are always searching for the best price and quality. Logistically everything is possible. The organization is flexible and continues to push its boundaries.

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It is with great shock and sadness that we have learned of the sudden passing of our beloved colleague Marco Lont.
We are grateful for the 29 years that he has worked with us. He has been an essential part of each department in our organization. He started on the logistical side, wherefrom he made the step into purchasing. The last years he managed the sales department. Marco was committed to the company, always had new ideas, and was open for suggestions.

He has taken many of us under his wing. He listened intently and was never afraid to ask the difficult questions. He was always constructive in his criticisms and positive in his feedback. He always placed himself in servitude of others. He enabled people in their freedom and growth, always finding for them the best way to thrive. And when out of their depth, there he was to protect them and nudge them back in the right direction.
We are going to miss him very badly. The talks, the great stories he told, his highly organized character, and above all his tireless effort and unconditional support.
Our thoughts go out to his wife Ineke and his sons Frank and Kees, of whom he was so proud and spoke of with so much love. And of course his family and friends. We wish them all much strength with this immeasurable loss.
He will never be forgotten.

From the directors and colleagues
JP Beemsterboer Food Traders

Corona virus

Dear Relationship, 

As we all realize, we’re living in difficult times. It has become very clear that COVID-19 is affecting us all in ways we’re only starting to understand.

As always, the safety of our employees, customers, suppliers and environment is the highest priority we have. Of course, we stay updated and follow the prescribed guidelines to the letter.

Our collective courage, creativity and flexibility is being tested in a way unknown to us. But we find strength in newfound adaptability.

JPB is a strong family run organization. There is a reason that we’ve been around since 1943.

We are here to answer all your questions. Like always, we are here for you. Do not hesitate to contact us.

We want to wish you and your loved ones nothing but health and safety.

Take care and stay strong. Team JPB.

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