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French fries

J.P. Beemsterboer Food Traders exports french fries in any desired brand. Our french fries can be delivered in the range of quality specifications. J.P. Beemsterboer can deliver straight cut fries, steakhouse fries or the shoestring fries variety. We also offer a variety of specialty potato products such as potato cubes, potato croquettes, pommes noisettes, pommes crousty, pommes duchesses en pommes dauphines. Do you want more information about the import of french fries. Then get in touch with us throught our contact form or phone.

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  • WorldwideGlobal organisation with language and cultural knowledge.
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Find more information about the import of French Fries below. In need of more information? Then please contact one of our sales agents.

Sizes French Fries

The following sizes of french fries can be imported by J.P. Beemsterboer. 

  6 x 6 mm shoestring
  9 x 9 mm straight cut
  10 x 10 mm straight cut
  12 x 12 mm straight cut
  10 x 18 mm steakhouse fries
  crinkle cut

Packaging / Branding French Fries

French fries are available in a variety of brands. Packaging options are:

 4 x 2,5 kg
 5 x 2,5 kg
10 x 1 kg


Transport will take place by containers.

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