Growing Further Together

So how did it all begin? With the search for new horizons and a flair for adventure. In 1943 to be exact, with the buying and selling of potatoes, cabbage and onions. Over the years JPB expanded its range of products immensely by trading in fruit, rice, Chinese garlic, mustard, mayonnaise, vinegar, dairy, chicken, vegetable oil, meat and various tinned products from different parts of the world.

Trading in the most literal sense of the word, that is what we do. It is and always has been ingrained in the ‘Beemsterboer DNA’. For over 75 years our family company has been building bridges by crossing oceans, getting our product from the fields and factories right to your doorstep. Wherever you are.

Hard work is where we thrive and building partnerships is what we do. The DNA we are talking about, it is embedded in every choice we make and every relationship we build. This is where we are at our strongest. Every step we take is with that in mind. Every single one, be it with our suppliers or customers, be it with our employees or other stakeholders, is directed at growing with our partners. Let’s grow together….

Want to know more about our rich history? For the occasion of our 75th anniversary we have published a magazine full of great stories. Although the magazine is written in Dutch, it's definitely worth to take a look at the great imagery. Pictures do say more than words, right? JP Beemsterboer magazine 2018

The JP Beemsterboer history - a video:

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